Iris WIndow Coverings offers Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Blinds are presented in two basic styles, horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal styles are available with aluminum slats, wood slats or faux wood slats. These blinds are offered in various slat widths, in differing spacing between slats, with numerous head rail options, and in a vast range of colors.

Vertical blind styles offer almost as many options and colors as horizontal blinds, and are available in numerous fabrics and in PVC vanes.

Head rails are offered both with and without valances and with baton or cord draw traversing mechanisms.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are an ideal solution for a window covering for sliding glass door and other wide applications.

Since these blinds both traverse (and when open, stack into a relatively small space) and rotate, they provide an ideal treatment for those areas where access through the opening is required.

Also, Vertical Blinds are no longer limited in color and style, and can now be integrated into the most sophisticated of decorating styles.

Vertical Blinds
  • Available Motorized or Manual
  • Motorized blinds can be controlled by Building management, simple switches or Home Automation Controllers
  • Manual blinds can be operated by either a baton or cord and chain
  • Slats offered in many different widths, from 2" wide to 5" wide
  • Available in many designer cloth styles, wood and PVC
  • Huge assortment of fabrics, styles and colors
  • Can be opened from the left, right, or center
  • Many decorative options are offered
  • Specialty shapes including angle tops and arches (non-traversing)
  • All blinds meet the ANSI Standard for child safety