Iris Window Coverings offers Roman Shades

Roman Shades

The main difference between decorative shades and roller shades is the manner in which they operate.

While a roller shade opens by having the shade wind around a tube, a decorative shade opens by having the shade fold up into overlapping layers.

Decorative Shade hardware systems include cord and cord lock, chain operator, and motorization.

There are many types and styles of decorative shades, ranging from an elaborate fabric roman shade with scallops and trim, to a slim and simple pleated shade.

Decorative Shades are available in a myriad of fabrics, including a wide selection of natural material.

All these types of shades can function as complete window treatments or can be accessorized with valances, top treatments or drapery panels.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades offer a clean and sophisticated look that is traditional, yet modern.

Available in many different styles, and in almost any fabric, thus affording wide latitude in design approach.

Styles and fabric vary from casual to high fashion, allowing these shades to function as a complete window treatment.

A classic Roman Shade lays flat, resembling a roller shade, when lowered, yet takes on overlaying folds when raised.

A "hobbled" (stepped) Roman Shade maintains the beauty of the overlaying folds, even when the shade is lowered.

Balloon Shades have baggy cloud-like poufs at the bottom that create an elegant, feminine finish. These are just a few of the many styles available.

The appeal of Roman Shades has grown with the introduction of seamless sheer fabrics for large windows, as well as duo Roman Shades utilizing blackout fabrics for bedrooms.

Roman shades also are ideal for children's rooms, providing a room-darkening solution for napping when down, and the softness of a valance when pulled up.

Roman Shades
  • Available Motorized or Manual
  • Motorized shades can be controlled by Building Management Systems, Home Automation Controllers, simple switches or wireless remote control
  • Our European partners manufacture four types of shades utilizing their own fabrics
    • Extra wide designs
  • Assortment of styles offered
  • Almost any fabric may be utilized
    • Solar Shade material can be used
    • Natural fabrics (including bamboo, rattan, and natural grasses)
  • Continuous cord loop lift system
  • Standard cord lift mechanism are available as top-down/bottom-up
  • Specialty shapes including arch and angle tops.
  • All shades meet the ANSI Standard for child safety