Iris Window Coverings offers Panel Track Drapery

Panel Track Drapery

Draperies offer a touch of elegance and flair to any room that most other window shades and coverings cannot duplicate.

Soft fabric window treatments offer a warmth and subtlety to any setting, and are wonderful at baffling sound in a noisy environment.

While there are a multitude of different styles of draperies and fabrics available in such a broad spectrum of colors and textures, this allows for personalization and unique design elements that simply cannot be equaled by any other means.

It's no wonder draperies are the preferred window treatment for 80% of homes!

Iris Window Coverings offers truly customized services, and will assist with any creative drapery styles or top treatments. Our showroom in Renton, Wash., showcases fabrics many of the finest vendors, some of whom can only be seen in the Pacific Northwest in our showroom.

We have the ability to source fabric choices from almost any vendor that may be desired.

In short, we specialize in accomplishing the truly unusual for our clientele who demand the unique!

Panel Track Drapery

Panel Track provides a versatile solution for larger windows or open spaces, and are generally used as an alternative to vertical blinds.

Each panel glides on its own wheeled carriers for effortless operation, and this sleek modern style is available in the best assortment of fabrics and natural materials on the market.

The Panel Track system consists of narrow panels that stack to one side (or both) and then close for privacy. The panels run on an aluminum track with bottom hem weight bars.

The fabric used for the panels can be standard cloth fabric, roller shade material, grass cloth or woven wood material.

Panel Track systems enjoy a myriad of uses: to cover large patio doors, closet doors, or large window walls, as a room divider, or simply to control the environment on any elevation of a room.

Panel Track Drapery
  • Available Motorized or Manual
  • Baton (hand) drawn or cord operated
  • Almost any material may be used, including Woven Wood (natural) and solar shade fabric
    • Woven Wood materials usually have an edge binding to keep from fraying
  • Continuous track widths up to 50 feet
  • Stacking configurations can be center split, one way draw, or center stack
  • Tracks are 2-5 channels that can hold 2-6 panels depending on design
  • Panel widths can be varied, but 24" to 36" are generally recommended
  • Panels are attached to track carriers with Velcro for easy removal for cleaning
  • All Panel Track meet the ANSI Standard for child safety