Iris Window Coverings offers Traversing Drapery

Traversing Drapery

Draperies offer a touch of elegance and flair to any room that most other window shades and coverings cannot duplicate.

Soft fabric window treatments offer a warmth and subtlety to any setting, and are wonderful at baffling sound in a noisy environment.

While there are a multitude of different styles of draperies and fabrics available in such a broad spectrum of colors and textures, this allows for personalization and unique design elements that simply cannot be equaled by any other means.

It's no wonder draperies are the preferred window treatment for 80% of homes!

Iris Window Coverings offers truly customized services, and will assist with any creative drapery styles or top treatments. Our showroom in Renton, Wash., showcases fabrics many of the finest vendors, some of whom can only be seen in the Pacific Northwest in our showroom.

We have the ability to source fabric choices from almost any vendor that may be desired.

In short, we specialize in accomplishing the truly unusual for our clientele who demand the unique!

Traversing Drapery in the Living Room Traversing Drapery in the Bedroom

Traversing draperies are draperies or curtains, fabricated from cloth, that are meant to be opened and closed across an opening on a regular basis.

These can be cord draw, baton draw, or manually operated.

Styling of this type of drapery is limited only by the imagination!

Many heading styles are available, as well as different pleating systems. The two primary pleating systems – Ripplefold and Accordiafold – are mainly used in commercial locations, although they're also great for residential use, too.

Hardware available to mount draperies ranges from a plain white traverse rod, to an elaborate, custom painted, hand made decorative rod.

Traversing Drapery Feature Traversing Drapery with Flounce Feature
  • Truly customized service
  • Vast variety of designs offered
  • Create elegant, informal or urbane looks
  • Large assortment of fabrics from around the world available in our showroom
  • Great selection of sustainable fabrics in many different natural fibers
  • A myriad of colors, textures and styles, from almost totally sheer to almost totally blackout
  • All major fabric houses are available
  • Architectural pleating (heading) systems
  • Lining available in white, ivory and colors