Iris Window Coverings offers Daylight Harvesting Louver Solutions

Daylight Harvesting Louvers

An Internal Daylight Harvesting Louver System has a number of louvers at the top of the system that tilt at an angle to direct the outside light up toward the ceiling to help illuminate the room, while the bottom part of the system tilts at a different angle to provide glare control.

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting is accomplished by setting the angle on a certain percentage of the upper louvers of the treatment to reflect ambient daylight up toward the ceiling on the interior of the room.

The remainder of the system (louvered or roller shade) is then operated independently to provide glare control in the room.

The roller shade can be lowered all of the way or part of the way, louvers can be tilted completely or partially closed to provide the desired effect in the space.

Daylight Harvesting
  • Available Motorized or Manual
  • Motorized shades can be controlled by Building Management Systems, Home Automation Controllers, simple switches or wireless remote control
  • Helps regulate solar heat gain
  • Variety of standard baked enamel colors
  • Anodized finish or custom colors by request
  • Kynar 500 finish available on louvers
  • Louvers offered with reflective coatings
  • Wide range of slat sizes and styles
  • Total range of roller shade fabrics available
  • All Interior Louver Systems meet the ANSI Standard for child safety