Iris Window Coverings offers Interior Louvers


Interior Louver Systems are an attractive means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain while allowing natural light into the building.

Interior Louver Systems can be mounted vertically in front of windows, or horizontally to cover skylight openings.

This product is very similar to horizontal venetian blinds, but differ by the numerous blade shapes, blade spacings, and trim profiles that are offered.

Also, generally available in much larger sizes than standard venetian blinds, allowing for design flexibility to better suit any project requirements.


LouverShade™ is a unified concept comprised of three distinct characteristics:

Daylight Harvesting

Glare Control

Resident Intelligence (control)

The light harvesting arrives courtesy of louvers that bounce and magnify the natural daylight. This produces a superior (and energy conserving) light source that illuminates the space, bathing it in diffused light that radiates from the ceiling.

Solar shade fabric provides the glare reduction, diffusing the natural light and creating a comfortable setting at the work-station level. Numerous studies have shown that the combined effects of view and proper light levels increase employee productivity and comfort.

These features deliver a unified result when the Louvershade™ control system takes charge.

Controls can be as simple as a sun sensor that deploys the shade at the first sign of daylight, to an interface that allows a building's automation system to run the show.

Louvershade™ offers nearly limitless louver, fabric and control options, all with the mission of delivering a more energy-efficient and productive work environment!

LouverShade Work Environment

Daylight Harvesting

  • Five reflective surfaces: gloss white, satin white, off-white, brushed aluminum, polished aluminum
  • Slat sizes available in 2", 3", 4", 6"
  • Tilt & lift options: lift & tilt, powered tilt & manual lift, manual tilt & lift

Glare Reduction

  • Fabrics available in openness factors of: 0%, 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%
  • 25+ colors including reflective outward facing fabrics
  • Industry compatible fabrics can be matched to most existing retractable solar shades
  • Retraction options: powered roll-up, down & stop, powered with pre-set intermediate stops of group alignment
  • Manual roll up via clutch operator


  • Individually controlled
  • Controlled as a set or group
  • Solar tracking
  • Timer controlled
  • Remote controlled
  • Lighting control interface
  • Fire alarm interface
  • Building management interface
  • Z-wave interface
  • AC/DC/Solar powered

Automation Compatibility

  • Somfy - RTS, Animeo IB+
  • MechoShade - SolarTrac, SunDialer
  • Crestron Graphical User Interface
  • Lutron via CCI
  • Siemens Building Automation - Vantage
  • Lite Touch
  • Lagotek - Hip 100, Z-wave
  • Control Four