Iris Window Coverings offers Exterior Roller Shades

Roller Shades Exterior

Roller Shades are a superior choice to add a touch of fashion and style to any living area.

For a “utilitarian modern look,” choose a solar sun screen fabric.

For a “more traditional look,” choose one of our various decorative or cloth fabrics.

Open by winding around a tube, and thus only available in a flat style.

Roller shade lift hardware systems include spring tension, chain operator, crank mechanism, and motorized.

Motorized solar sun screen shades with programmable controls are perfect for clerestory windows, large openings and exterior applications. Integrated packages of motorized shades and lighting controls offer a one-touch solution to light control.

Exterior Roller Shades Exterior Roller Shades

Exterior Roller Shades are ideally suited for all buildings, new construction, retrofits and remodels, and are particularly suited where solar heat gain and glare control is a problem.

By keeping the heat outside a building envelope, it's possible to reduce the solar heat gain within the building.

Can also enhance or complement a building's design by their form and color.

Exterior Roller Shades Exterior Roller Shades
  • Available Motorized or Manual (although most often motorized)
  • Motorized shades can be controlled by Building Management Systems, Home Automation Controllers, simple switches or wireless remote control
  • Can reduce the solar heat gain entering a building by up to 90%
  • Fire rated (pass NFPA 701) fabrics
  • Presented in myriad styles and colors
  • Openness factors from 1% to 14%
  • Lighter color fabrics reflect more light and illuminate the interior
  • Darker fabrics absorb more light and provide a superb view to the outside
  • Blackout fabrics are available
  • Sustainable and Greenguard Certified fabrics
  • Supplied with extruded aluminum headbox and side guide profiles or wires
  • Various valance types and fascia are available to hide the roller
  • All shades meet the ANSI Standard for child safety