Iris Window Coverings offers Skylight Louver Shading Systems

Louver Shading Systems

Skylights can create architectural visual interest in homes or offices with high ceilings or sloped walls, while also providing additional natural light to interior spaces.

But these windows are often a source of unwanted heat loss, heat gain and UV exposure.

Thus, Skylight Window Coverings can protect against UV damage, while also helping to insulate the space and lower energy bills.

Skylight Window Coverings come in many different forms. The primary types are Louver Shading Systems or Roller Shading Systems for use in either interior or exterior applications, or Cellular Shades or Pleated Shades for use in interior situations only.

All are available in a number of styles, and from a variety of vendors. Most are motorized for client convenience, but can also be manually operated.

Louver Shading Systems Louver Shading Systems

Louver Shading Systems should blend with other building design elements to provide an attractive appearance.

Choose from a wide array of blade profiles, blade spacing, and trim styles to add an attractive architectural element to any building.

Can provide protection against glare, as well as very fine light control because of the variable slat positions. Greater protection from solar heat gain can be achieved by automation of the blinds to ensure optimum levels of shading at all times.

Louver Shading Systems Louver Shading Systems
  • Available Motorized or Manual
  • Motorized shades can be controlled by Building Management Systems, Home Automation
  • Controllers, simple switches or wireless remote control
  • Helps regulate solar heat gain
  • Variety of standard baked enamel colors
  • Anodized finish or custom colors by request
  • Kynar 500 finish available
  • Reflective coatings offered
  • Wide range of slat sizes and styles
  • All Louvered Shading Systems meet the ANSI Standard for child safety