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Engineered Solutions

Marion Oliver McCaw Hall (Seattle Opera House) :: Seattle, WA

Seattle Opera House with Motorized Solar Roller Shades Seattle Opera House with Motorized Solar Roller Shades


12 lobby windows each 20' wide by 70' high compose a serpentine wall in need of Motorized Solar Roller Shades.


Iris custom engineered 8" diameter aluminum rollers, with custom motors, to hold the solar shade (MechoShade 1300 series) fabric.

The 12 shades were housed by a 16" x 16" custom made metal pocket. The weight of each shade and housing assembly was nearly 400 pounds.

Iris provided a specially designed set of seismic angle brackets to catch the shades in the event of an earthquake dislodging the shades.

Additionally, a winch tool was fitted to allow the shades to be lowered to the ground should the need for service ever become necessary, as these shades are part of an air circulation system that is indirectly tied to the roof ventilation exhaust fans.

The installation work had to be performed from scaffolding, and with special rigging to first raise the metal pocket, and then each individual shade.

Embarcadero Building :: San Francisco, CA

Embarcadera Building Wood Shutters Embarcadera Building Wood Blinds


Our customer desired motorized wood horizontal blinds with 3" wide Maple Wood slats. Each window is 13' wide by 13' high. All of the blinds need to both lift and tilt electrically.


Iris had Maple Wood custom machined into 3/8" thick x 3" wide bevel shaped wood slats. The ladder material used in these blinds was originally made for European exterior louver blinds and was imported from Germany. The lift systems were machined here at Iris and utilized Somfy CTS 50 components. Switching for both lift and tilt, by elevation, was accomplished using IGC 3N1 HB controllers.

Each of these custom motorized 13' x 13' plantation bevel shaped wood slat blinds weighed almost 150 pounds each and were assembled here in our Iris shop and then crated and shipped to San Francisco.

The design concept for these blinds was provided by The Offices of Thierry W Despont in New York, NY.

A Ski House :: Idaho

A Ski House in Idaho A Ski House in Idaho with Ring Top Drapery


Our client desired to span some 30 foot wide spaces with a motorized drapery on a solid mahogany wood rod; they also wanted to incorporate motorized solar sunscreen roller shades into the same area.


This unique retreat home has hand made motorized drapery rods 30 feet wide with motorized solar sun shades built into the brackets. The drapery rods are 4" wood poles that were machined out of 4" diameter solid mahogany to accept an inverted motorized track. The 6" rings were custom cast out of aluminum and then nickel plated for a pewter look.

This home also featured custom made motorized mahogany wood blinds. The mahogany slats were machined to have a plantation bevel and were then custom stained to match the adjacent mill work in the home. Our client wanted the blinds manufactured so that the lift and tilt tapes would align with the window muntins.

This was accomplished by purpose-building each blind individually and then controlling the switching by elevation for both lift and tilt by using IGC 3N1 HB controllers tied into a Crestron touch panel.