Iris Window Coverings offers Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Daylight harvesting combines natural light and window shades coverings with artificial light and lighting control to achieve specific room brightness goals.

As natural light is "harvested" and measured by an ambient light meter, a lighting control automatically adjusts the light level, and/or the window covering system automatically adjusts the window coverings so that the natural and artificial light work together to provide the desired light level in a given room. This also optimizes the comfort of the interior environment by maximizing natural daylight and filtering out solar heat and harmful UV rays.

Daylight harvesting systems automatically adjust interior light intensity in response to the amount of daylight in a space.

In window coverings terms, it refers to techniques that enhance the amount of and penetration of ambient outside light into the interior space. These methods may consist of any number of window covering combinations, from motorized exterior louvers with dynamic tracking and reflecting vanes that are integrated into a whole building management, to a simple mini-blind that is manually tilted periodically to enhance the amount of light in a room. .